Indian Uprising:Indian Land Tenure Foundation

Chris Spotted Eagle will be joined by Cris Stainbrook and Jo-Anne E. Stately on Sunday, January 13, 2008, at 7pm for Indian Uprising. They will discuss the work of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation.

INDIAN LAND TENURE FOUNDATION. ILTF is a nonprofit organization that is community organized and community directed. The community includes Indian landowners, Indian people on and off reservations, Indian land organizations, tribal communities, tribal governments and others connected to Indian land issues. The Foundation's focus is to educate, support activities and raise funds to carry out goals related to Indian land tenure. The goals come from the hearts and souls of tribal community members striving to make reservations a better place to live, now, and for future generations.

Mission: To ensure that land within the original boundaries of every reservation and other areas of high significance where tribes retain aboriginal interest are in Indian ownership and management. In order to fulfill its mission, the Foundation focuses on strategies involving education, culture, economics and law, as directed by the Indian land tenure community that helped create ILTF. The specific problems on which the Foundation is focusing have been in the making for the past 150 years or more. The work of ILTF is to consolidate, support, and improve Indian land tenure efforts and the conditions, under which Indians use, occupy, transfer, and control land.

Prior to 1899, most rights of way over Indian lands were first obtained through agreements made with tribes or individual landowners, and then afterwards ratified by Congress. Negotiating directly with tribes was necessary as, up until the 1870s, the United States used the treaty making process to gain consent through treaties before passing laws that affected Indian nations. However, in 1871, an Act of Congress ended treaty making with tribes, ultimately leading to the Supreme Court's plenary powers doctrine. This doctrine allowed Congress to make unilateral decisions affecting Indian nations by congressional act, or statute, rather than having to first gain acceptance of the tribe through a treaty negotiation process. Once freed of constitutional constraints, Congress began to impose laws and regulations for rights of way that proved disastrous for Indian people - ILTFs The Message Runner, Volume 3.

Guests are:

Cris Stainbrook (Lakota), President, Indian Land Tenure Foundation.

Jo-Anne E. Stately (Ojibwe, White Earth-Pillager Band), Vice President of Development, ILTF.

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