Truth to Tell: Utility Shut-Offs

Despite early frigid temperatures and the Cold-Weather rule designed to prevent heat and electric shut-offs for those unable to pay rising energy bills, the rule is proving cold comfort to many families who either don’t know or can’t afford even the modest payment plan required to prevent the shut-off. Assistance plans are running way short of the money needed. And customers who back on line after shut-offs and new jobs are being dunned for earlier delinquencies even after utilities have charged off their losses to other ratepayers.

On Wednesday, January 9th from 11am-Noon, Truth to Tell's Andy Driscoll and Lynell Mickelsen talk with victims of bad luck, bad finances and cold weather along with officials and advocates to find out why Minnesota should allow any exceptions to the cold weather rule and why energy utilities are allowed to double-dip for their delinquent dollars.