Truth to Tell: Where Do Unions Rank in Minnesota Life?

The same movement conservatism that led to the contemporary slide into blatant racism, sexism, widening economic disparity, severe educational deprivation, a moribund health care system, and unprecedented political corruption also trained its guns on collective bargaining over the last 60 years.

Some say the movement has suffered a mortal blow by union-busing tactics and a corporate compliant administration; others insist a resurgence of organization and representation is under way in all the new sectors of the economy. Which is true? Or are we truly getting it both ways?

Tune in to Truth to Tell on January 2nd from 11am to Noon when Andy Driscoll will be joined by guest co-host and labor scholar, Tom O’Connell to talk with seasoned labor leaders, historians and new movement organizers about the history and future of union organizing, membership, and working conditions.

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PETER RACHLEFFMacalester College professor and labor historian
RAY WALDRON, President, Minnesota AFL-CIO
JAVIER MORILLO – President, SEIU Local 26 (Service Employees International Union)
PHYLLIS WALKER – President, AFSCME Local 3800– University of Minnesota Clerical Employees

BERNARD BROMMER, retired President, Minnesota AFL-CIO (1990-2001)