Diablo Cody Is the Ultimate Self-Made Woman

Critics have showered the film Juno with the kind of praise every screenwriter dreams about. After critic Roger Ebert saw it at the Toronto Film Festival this fall, he blogged about it the very same night because he was too excited two wait until the next day to write a full film review. The film opened exclusively at the Uptown last Friday and expands to more theaters this Friday.

However, the film's screenwriter, Diablo Cody, is garnering even more media attention than the film itself. Cody broke onto the media scene in Minneapolis a few years ago with a popular blog about her exploits as a sex entertainment worker and her first published book, Candy Girl. She's been on a whirlwind promotional tour for the film that brought her back to Minneapolis last Thursday. KFAI film reporter, Paul Bachleitner, sat down with her for an interview and files this story.

Story submitted by Paul Bachleitner

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