Communiversity of MN: Racism on College Campuses

The Communiversity of MN presents an hour-long conversation on racism on college campuses in Minnesota. Host Mahmoud El-Kati, former professor at Macalester College, is joined by Dr. Cheryl Chatman (Concordia University), Adrian Mack (Kwanzaa Freedom School), Britney Lewis (Macalester College Student), Ayolanda K. Mack (Kwanzaa Freedom School)and Cedric McClure (Macalester College). The special airs on Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 at 6pm.

The Communiversity of Minnesota is a collective of professors, academics, students and community members who organize cultural events and group discussions in an effort to branch the Black Knowledge from Academia to the Community. Mahmoud El-Kati and the Communiversity have produced several radio specials in collaboration with KFAI.

Listen to the Program: mp3 Audio