Truth to Tell: Are We Polluters, Too?

Are we unintentionally polluting our river and streams with our fertilizers, lawn shavings and leaves? Tune in to Truth to Tell on Wednesday, December 19th from 11am-noon.

TTT's Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen talk with about the pollution we all add to the waters of our state and region with our discarded leaves and grasses and the chemicals we use to keep them green with PAUL WOTZKA – Hydrologist, water quality specialist, late of Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Whistleblower on atrazine run-off and dangers of corn-cultivated ethanol and FOUR TWIN CITIES ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE STUDENTS reporting on urban nonpoint pollution (run-off) – Aura Scherbel; Priyal Goonathilika; Russell Heer; and Zach Wilkowski

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