Truth to Tell: Coming Home - How Wars Destroy the Warriors

When the gear comes off and discipline and alertness wane,
veterans have to live with what their humanity had to stuff while killing. Record suicides, marriage break-ups, homelessness and addiction are plaguing returning warriors. On Wednesday, December 11th from 11am to Noon, Truth to Tell's Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen talk with local veterans and officials assigned to their health and re-entry to discuss how “supporting the troops” doesn’t always extend to their lives after combat.

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MAJ. CYNTHIA RASMUSSEN, RN MSN CANP – Army Combat Stress Officer/Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
AUNDREY SANCHEZDVA-Legion Office for the State of Minnesota Dept. of Veterans Affairs
GUY GAMBILL – Veteran, Gulf War I, and Advocacy Coordinator Council on Crime and Justice
SSGT. CHERISHA SANDERS – Medic from Iraq and Afghanistan Wars