Queer Music Heritage Host JD Doyle on Fresh Fruit 11/29

Join Host Dixie Treichel for a 100% Queer Music Special with guest JD Doyle who is a Radio Host, Producer & Collector of GLBT and gay-related recordings.

JD Doyle is Host of Queer Music Heritage a radio show and a website created to preserve and share the music of our culture, is co-producer of Audiofile, the monthly radio review of CDs of interest to the GLBT communities, airing on This Way Out, and
co-host of Queer Voices on KPFT, every Monday night from 8-10 pm

Thursday 11/29/07 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Celebrating LGBT musicians and their music

I'll be playing a mix of classic queer music and new releases
All music is composed and/or performed by Queer Musicians