Rhythm & Grooves: Talking Drums

Join host Larry Englund of Rhythm & Grooves on Tuesday November 27th at 10:30 for the first in an occasional series of musicians talking about their art. Drummers Jay Epstein and Pete Hennig will join Larry and bring along examples of favorite and inspirational drummers, as well as CDs with their own work. Jay Epstein is a well-traveled drummer, accompanying many of the area’s vocalists as well as appearing with his own groups, and others such as Framework, and the CounterClockwise Organ Trio. Pete Hennig is a member of the up-and-coming Atlantis Quartet, a “rock band playing original jazz.” He has also played with Debbie Duncan, Park Evans, Katie Gearty, Tickle Fight, and with Chris Bates in Bones Drum & Bass. It will be an evening of Talking Drums.