Truth To Tell: Peak Oil and Sustainable Alternatives

Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen lead an important conversation about the dangers of ignoring the numbers and signs that our reliance on oil is leading to economic and energy calamity – far sooner than we might admit. Tune in to Truth to Tell Wednesday, November 21st from 11 to Noon and participate in the discussion.

Is the sky really falling and are the wells really running dry as crude prices edge over $100 per barrel and we pay higher and higher prices for using this finite resource and its energy?

What might replace it as reliable, renewable, and affordable resources?

Can the idea of Localism , that is, can Twin Citians and Minnesotans alter our personal and cultural behavior to ensure a secure energy future no matter what happens elsewhere?


Philipp Muessig, geologist and MPCA Sustainable Communities analyst

Michael Noble, Executive Director, Fresh Energy (formerly ME3), St. Paul

John Farrell, Research Associate, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Minneapolis

Brian Merchant, Peak Oil activist and advocate, St. Paul