MJ Kroll & Joel Sass on Fresh Fruit

Tune in Thursday, November 15th at 7:30 as Fresh Fruit welcomes MJ Kroll, Joel Sass, Leah Cooper, Jake Yuzna.

Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend

MJ Kroll, singer, songwriter, guitarist

MJ Kroll and the Believers band headline MN Women of Rock on
Saturday, November 17th at Ogara's Pub in St. Paul

The showcase includes Andra Suchy with her album Patchwork, Allison Scott and her album Wish on the Moon, Desdemona with her new album the Source, and MJ Kroll with her new cd titled Resonate which she co-produced with award winning producerTodd Fitzgerald.

Joel Sass, Director, Set Designer

Shining City Written by: Conor McPherson

This supernatural tale from the author of The Weir concerns a widower who visits a therapist, claiming to have seen the ghost of his recently deceased wife.

Jungle Theater Performances from 09 Nov 2007 to 23 Dec 2007

Leah Cooper, Director

Anton in Show Business by Jane Martin
receives its Twin Cities premiere at Mounds Theatre
An all-female cast performs multiple roles (including men) in this meta-theatrical comedy about a self-centered television actress, a jaded New Yorker and an enthusiastic ingénue brought together for an ill-fated production of Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters in San Antonio, Texas.
November 9 - December 2, 2007

Flaming Film Festival 2008

Jake Yuzna, filmmaker

Sunshine (Jake Yuzna, 2007, 8 minutes) Saturday November 17th

An autobiographical portrait based on the life of lead actor Ben Fredrickson, Sunshine mixes documentary footage of Ben’s encounters with staged scenes to explore the story of a young man who finds himself turning to extreme encounters with strangers discovered online in an attempt to feel real emotional connections in a world engrossed in digital socializing. Sunshine marks the first collaboration between actor Ben Fredrickson, filmmaker Jake Yuzna, and musical artist Mount Sims.