National Coming Out Day on Fresh Fruit October 11, 2007

Tune in to Fresh Fruit on Thursday, October 11th for a special pledge drive show. Hosts Dixie Treichel, Bob Tracy, and John Townsend will celebrate National Coming Out Day with guests Andy Birkey and Joyce Casico.

Andy Birkey, writer and editor of the Eleventh Avenue South blog

Joyce Cascio, co-founder of Rainbow Legends, writer
Rainbow Legends is a publishing company based in Kansas City, MO

In a celebration of National Coming Out Day: Rainbow Legends' First Book - Dragonfly Stories is being released on October 11, 2007.

Dragonfly Stories is a collection of 24 personal stories from the LGBTQ community. From stories of love to coming out, transgender and cross gender, building courage and seeking faith, raising families and dating, hate crimes and living with HIV, building a community and accepting oneself, each story is sure to touch the hearts of all who read them.

Theme song for Dragonfly Stories is Not Enough by Gwendy Joysen
on Day Flower Records