News Archives: Hurricane Katrina Anniversay

August 29th was the two-year anniversary of the ravage of Hurricane Katrina through the Gulf Coast. The storm ripped through the area causing some of the worst wind damage and flooding in US history. Since then, progress to redevelop the affected areas has been sporadic, as people struggle to put their lives back together.

In this segment, KFAI's Lauretta Dawolo spoke to Raymond Dunn, a former resident of Kenner, Louisiana who has relocated to Minneapolis and Cheryl Venestrom, Chief Operating Officer of Orion Associates and Zenith Services, a private agency who has incorporated disaster relief into their mission of corporate responsibility. The group traveled to New Orleans several times and recently joined efforts with the United Way to bring relief to Southeast Minnesota.

This story was submitted by Lauretta Dawolo on August 29, 2007.

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