MacPhail Center For Music Expansion Project

In Minneapolis, the riverfront district has become a showcase for edgy, modernist architecture. while the Guthrie Theater has grabbed most of the attention, the area also includes the Humboldt Mill condos, Mill City Museum and Gold Medal Park. In a few months, another addition will arrive on the scene: The MacPhail Center for Music.

The MacPhail Center is currently located at 1128 LaSalle Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. Due to increasing demands for music programs and services, MacPhail has developed “The New MacPhail” Project which includes two key expansion initiatives. The first initiative involves the construction of a new flagship center along the riverfront in Minneapolis, and the second will establish “Access Sites” to bring the MacPhail educational experience to the broader community. Building Minnesota's Todd Melby reports on the architectural planning of the new Center.

Todd Melby posted this story on September 19, 2007.

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