St. Paul Primaries

Only four wards in St. Paul entered into this fall's City Council primaries: Ward 2, Ward 4, Ward 5, and Ward 7. KFAI caught up with several area District Councils, including the West Side Citizen's Council, the St. Anthony Park Community Council, the Payne-Phalen Planning Council, and Dayton's Bluff Community Council to learn about the pressing issues in their respective areas, the voting momentum, and what they're doing to encourage civic engagement.

This year's voter turnout was historically low with only 5% of eligible voters participating in the primaries.

General election match-ups for Nov. 6 are as follows:
Ward 1: Incumbent Debbie Montgomery vs. DFL-endorsed challenger Melvin Carter III
Ward 2: Incumbent and DFL endorsee Dave Thune vs. Bill Hosko
Ward 3: Incumbent and DFL endorsee Pat Harris vs. Gerald Mischke
Ward 4: DFL endorsee Russ Stark vs. Terrance Bushard
Ward 5: Incumbent Lee Helgen vs. challenger David Haas
Ward 6: Incumbent Dan Bostrom vs. challenger Pakou Hang; and
Ward 7: Incumbent and DFL endorsee Kathy Lantry vs. challenger Janine Kelley

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