Students Support AFSCME Union Strike

On Friday, September 7th, University police arrested 5 people during a protest rally for the ongoing AFSCME workers' strike.
More than 100 protesters -- many of them students -- interrupted and forced adjournment of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents meeting. The regents' meeting was delayed for an hour by the incident, and when they resumed, regent Steven Hunter, who is the secretary/treasurer of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, stayed in the room and listened to the protesters. Five people were arrested for interfering with public property.

The University released a statement following the board meeting saying “The Board of Regents adjourned its meeting today as a result of the illegal actions of a small, but highly disruptive group…Freedom of expression is paramount to the fullfillment of the university’s educational mission. As citizens, these individuals were provided with the same opportunity to attend and observe the meeting of the Board of Regents as would be afforded anyone. Unfortunately, once afforded this opportunity, these individuals engaged in activities that transcend freedom of expression and were illegal.”

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Erin Vassilopoulos submitted this story on September 10, 2007.

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