Healing Rage author Ruth King On Health Notes

Join Kinshasha on Monday August 27th from 11am-12pm for a Health Notes conversation with Ruth King about her new book Healing Rage. An empowering, soulful approach to a subject brought to light in the classic bestseller The Dance of Anger, Healing Rage shows women how to understand their rage, ease its destructive potential, and preserve its wisdom. King identifies six common disguises (dominance, defiance, devotion, distraction, depression, and dependence) of rage and provides healing exercises that integrate body, mind, and wisdom. She also teaches us how to embrace and respect rage, allowing it to fuel us and play a creative role in shaping our relationships.

Self-help authors rarely distinguish between anger and rage, but Ruth King has devoted her career to exploring the subtle varieties of rage while challenging the notion that rage is an evil emotion that must be eradicated. In Healing Rage, she gives all readers access to her pioneering, breakthrough program, which has already changed thousands of lives through workshops nationwide.

So be sure to tune in to Health Notes for this exciting conversation!