35W Bridge Collapse

Interstate 35W collapsed into the Mississippi River a little after 6 pm on Wednesday, August 1st. The bridge is just blocks away from the KFAI studios on the West Bank in Minneapolis. KFAI will continue to follow the story with updates on the air and at KFAI.org.

The thoughts of KFAI's volunteers and staff are with the victims and their families.

How you can help: The Minneapolis Foundation and other local funders and agencies have established the Minnesota Helps Bridge Disaster Fund to receive and distribute contributions to organizations assisting those affected by the collapse of the bridge. You can find out more about this and contribute directly online by going to www.minneapolisfoundation.org

The following information is provided on behalf of the various aid agencies listed below.

Pillsbury United Communities has established a fund to support the children and families of Waite House who were affected by the bridge collapse. Donations can be made three ways: (1) Call 1-888-642-3040 toll free, (2) Online through the secure website www.puc-mn.org, click on donate and select Waite House Bridge Disaster Fund in the designation section, and (3) Mail to Pillsbury United Communities, Development Office, 1201 37th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55412 (please specify the Waite House Bridge Disaster Fund when mailing in donations).

The Bus driver's name is Kim Dahl. She is still in Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Abbott's address is: 800 E. 28th St., Minneapolis, MN 55407. Their phone number is 612-863-4000. The bus company is First Student.

Pillsbury United Services Waite House, address is: Waite House, Francisco Segovia, Director, 2529 13th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55404

Jeremy Hernandez is the Youth Director. Cards may be sent to the address above.

Julie Graves, the Youth Director is still at Hennepin County Medical Center; 730 8th St. So., 612-873-3000. She is in the Surgical and Trauma Unit. Julie had surgery on Friday on her foot, they had to put pins in it. They then had to do another surgery to put plates and pins in her back.

Monica Segura is the­ Waite House Youth worker who assisted Jeremy.

With regard to Artemio Trinidad-Mena; Holy Rosary Catholic Church in the Phillips Neighborhood is working with the Family. The Red Cross is providing all money for them to get home to Mexico to bury Artemio. The Mexican Consulate is covering all burial costs.

Holy Rosary is working with the family. Sister Margaret will talk with the widow today and will share further information. They held the funeral on Sat. evening, as well as the baptism of their baby following the funeral. Artemio was the provider in the family and they have little funding available to exist on. So, the church wants to raise funds for the family to start up and survive whether it is in Mexico or they return here.

Here is the direct contact: Sister Margaret, Holy Rosary Church, 2424 18th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404, mcgirkm@aol.com

US Bank has set up a fund for Artemio (since he was a business on Lake and Lake Street Council is housed at US bank): US Bank, South Minneapolis Office, 919 East Lake St, Minneapololis, MN 55407, 612-821-6203, Or: New York Plaza Produce,1304 E. Lake St. Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55407, 612-722-3500