Vivian Delgado on Indian Uprising

Vivian Delgado (Yaqui/Puebloean) has written a significant amount of literature that has appeared as articles, essays, research and chapters, including curriculum; many of them about Native America and its occupants. As a professional educator, she has served on and currently sits on numerous educational committees and boards, all of which deal with equity and people of color. Her doctoral work was in Education, with two cognates: Native American Philosophy/Multicultural Education and Higher Education. Delgado will join Chris Spotted Eagle on Indian Uprising on Sunday, July 29th (7-8pm).

One of her significant accomplishments is “Free the Spirit Day,” which took place on September 22, 2006. From this day forward, September 22 has been designated for the purpose of returning incorrect vital records information to the Health and Environment Office. Although the directive was for Colorado, it certainly could be applied in any state where indigenous people have been subjected to deliberate and systematic destruction of race, culture and politics.