Margaret Donahoe is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Transportation Alliance:http://www.transportationalliance.com/.

Temporary Protected Status, known as TPS, is for foreign nationals currently residing in the United States, whose homeland conditions are recognized by the US government as being remporarily unsafe or

While we are all concerned about the price of gasoline, Minnesota’s gas tax will increase by two cents a gallon on Tuesday, April 1st, and many people wonder how this will affect the price they will p

In commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the war in Iraq, KFAI’s news department decided to interview a soldier who is committed to serving his country by participating in armed conflict and as he s

United Steelworkers, the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition and Witness for Peace-Upper Midwest recently sponsored a series of forums throughout Minnesota to discuss Colombia labor union assassinations an

Under Governor Tim Pawlenty’s newly proposed budget plan, some $30 million would be cut from transit.

As part of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Global Media, Diasporic Cultures speaking series, Dr.

Allyson Kennedy, Vice Presidential candidate of the Socialist/Workers party, recently visited the Twin Cities. She sat down with KFAI’s Tom Lisi to talk about her party’s vision for the country.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman gave his annual state of the city speech on March 12th.

Benno Groeneveld filed this report

Mary Scully, of the Iraq Peace Action Coalition; Marie Brown, of Women Against Military Madness; and Chante Wolf, of Veterans for Peace are some of the voices of women in the anti-war and peace moveme