Protesters gathered outside the Target store in downtown Minneapolis on August 15th to voice their objections to a product called Soda Stream.  The device adds carbonation to ordinary tap water. The controversy grows out of the complicated situation in Israel and Israel’s settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan River.

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Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller sent Governor Tim Pawlenty a letter appealing for a one day, limited agenda special session focusing on flood relief in Southeast Minnesota.

Only four wards in St. Paul entered into this fall’s City Council primaries: Ward 2, Ward 4, Ward 5, and Ward 7.

St. Paul leaders met early on Wednesday, July 11 at Eastside Community Center in St. Paul to discuss the city’s public safety progress.

As part of the race for the St.

In our ongoing coverage of the St. Paul City Council Elections we bring you the latest from the race in Ward 4.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman gave his annual state of the city speech on March 12th.

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As recently as the 1950s, the Twin Cities had a working network of streetcars. Commercial corridors like Central Avenue grew up around these lines. Now Minneapolis is looking at reestablishing streetcar lines. A proposal for one line, along Nicollet and Central avenues, is receiving public comment in a series of open houses. KFAI’s Trisha Collopy has the story of the porposed streetcar development.

The State Legislature was successful in passing the transportation bill during the week of February 26th. But there’s another tax hike that voters should prepare themselves for in the coming months.

State Senator Terri Bonoff is running for Congress in the Third Congressional District. Her campaign has received many high-profile endorsements and exceeded fund raising expectations.