Students at the University of Minnesota and Macalester College will host a benefit concert this Saturday, November 10 to raise money for Lousisana’s Jena 6.

DFL Congressman Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. He contributes a weekly update every Monday during KFAI’s Evening News.

North Country Co-op, the first collectively run grocery in Minneapolis, recently announced in a statement from the board of directors that they will be closing its doors on November 4th.

In our ongoing coverage of the St. Paul City Council Elections we bring you the latest from the race in Ward 4.

Ward 3 in St. Paul is bordered by West 7th Street, Summit Avenue, Lexington Parkway and the Mississippi River and is home to Highland Park and the site of the soon to be closed Ford Plant.

As part of the race for the St.

PaKou Hang, a candidate for St. Paul City Council Ward 6, was a guest on KFAI’s Haiv Hmong Radio:node/3140 on Wednesday, October 10th (8:30-9:30pm).

5th District Congressman Keith Ellison regularly talks with KFAI about politics in Washington.

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Incumbent Debbie Montgomery:http://www.montgomeryforwardone.org/ and Melvin Carter III:http://www.melvincarter.org/, are the Ward One contestants in this Fall’s St. Paul City Council Elections.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer announced his candidacy for United States Senate on Wednesday, October 10th. The St.