Earlier this year, Minnesota United soccer fans in Minneapolis rejoiced at the prospect of a Major League Soccer stadium slated for a site near the North Loop.  However, team owner Bill McGuire has recently begun looking elsewhere as Minneapolis city officials have been so far unwilling to offer tax breaks similar to what were offered to the Vikings.  KFAI's Ryan Dawes spoke with soccer writer and podcaster Wes Burdine, who's covered these developments for Northern Pitch and the

Senator Ellen Anderson and Representative Jim Davnie, chief sponsors of the Minnesota Subprime Foreclosure Deferment Act, introduced the bill the morning of March 5th at the State Capitol.

US Senate candidate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer has garnered some additional support on his bid for the DFL endorsement against Al Franken. At Senate and County conventions across the state last weekend, the competition between both candidates was evident. In South Minneapolis’s Senate District 61, the delegate count was 10 for Nelson-Pallmeyer to Franken’s 7.

KFAI’s Bob Hines offers some thoughts and observations from the DFL state convention in Rochester, Minnesota.

Friday, June 29th marked Democratic Illinois senator, Barack Obama’s, first visit to Minnesota as a presidential candidate.

On Saturday, February 2nd, Barack Obama hosted a rally at a sold-out Target Center in preparation for the upcoming Democratic caucus. KFAI’s Stephen Manuszak attended the rally and spoke with attendees before the rally began.

Local supporters are preparing for next month’s Minnesota Caucus. KFAI’s Jon Collins looks at endorsements for Obama by prominent Minnesotans.

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Recently, a new generation of veterans – veterans of the Iraq war -have started running for Congress. Among this new group of veterans is Steve Sarvi, who is currently trying to be elected to the House of Representatives in Washington for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, just south of the Twin Cities. He has served in the military for 19 years; in Kosovo and more recently in Iraq.

PaKou Hang, a candidate for St. Paul City Council Ward 6, was a guest on KFAI’s Haiv Hmong Radio:node/3140 on Wednesday, October 10th (8:30-9:30pm).

For the first time since Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been in office, the Minnesota Legislature was able to override a veto.