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Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy welcome Mr. Zero to the Pop Shop on Tuesday, Oct 9, from midnight to 2am. The retail king of pop culture, Mr Zero’s shop in Roseville offers vinyl LPs and 45s, CDs, turntables, toys, games, posters and collectables. Tune into the Pop Shop each week to hear powerpop, bubblegum, psychedelic, garage, rock and more! Hits, misses and ephemera, every Monday night into Tuesday morning from midnight to 2am.

9/6, The Lennie Chism Show, Exclusive Interview: Chris Cain with guest DJ Co-HOST Mark Fredell on TLCS
Chris Cain, a master of blues guitar, blues vocals, blues keyboards and blues vocals! Blues guitar at it’s finest.

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This week’s True Brit! pays tribute to the artists who created and performed music for the James Bond movies! Friday night at midnight!

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Xan Aranda is the director of the award-winning documentary “Fever Year,” a chronicle of a year on tour with Andrew Bird, showing us his love of music and the artistry he brings to his work.

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