Music Announcements

On this Friday's True Brit!, join host Simon Husbands as he talks to singer songwriter Courtney Yasmineh! Courtney has successfully booked nearly a dozen European tours, logged countless jaunts across the US, shot many music videos, and garnered local and national media attention in the US and abroad. Her live performances showcase her prowess as a bandleader, and front woman; she's sexy, smart and somehow simultaneously shy and brazen, beckoning the audience to join her for the ride.

This Friday night / Saturday morning at midnight, True Brit! does soul as we talk to Julie Dexter, the world renowned, award winning, British vocalist considered by many to be one of the most influential female vocalists of our generation.

On Friday night 28th January at midnight, Simon Husbands will be talking to Dennis Diken, drummer and vocalist with the legendary power pop band The Smithereens! Join Simon as he and Dennis poke around in Dennis’ record collection!

On Friday 15th / Saturday 16th at midnight, True Brit! will have a special guest – the least knowledgable music fan the show has ever had the honor to feature. Mr. Doc Boehme claims to know less about music than any other guest to have made an appearance on the show.

On this week's True Brit!, our genial host Simon Husbands welcomes Kevin Bowe – singer, songwriter, producer, teacher, all round great guy. Kevin has worked with some legendary names including The Replacements and and his songs have been included on Grammy nominated records – so join Kevin as he opens up about music, love and life. Friday night at midnight!

On this week’s True Brit!, host Simon Husbands welcomes our very first visiting dignitary – the Mayor of the Minneapolis suburb Golden Valley! Mayor Shep Harris will walk the red carpet and then set aside his chains of office as he shares his love of music and gives us an insight into how to be a rocking good democratically elected leader.

On this Friday night's True Brit!, host Simon Husbands welcomes Amy "Drea" Dorman! Drea is a recording artist/songwriter, dancer/choreographer, TV personality, and creative entrepreneur hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Since returning to the Cities from England in 2011, Drea has delved into the entertainment industry in Minneapolis from all angles! Join Simon and Drea as they talk about music, England and Minneapolis, and Drea's TV show TC Musique! Friday night at midnight…..

Host Simon Husbands welcomes FISKUM to this week’s August 6 edition of True Brit!: (midnight Friday midnight-2 a.m.

On Friday night, Sept. 2, True Brit:node/28990 host Simon Husbands welcomes a special guest, Mr. Steve Shannon, founding member of the Twin Cities surf-punk band The 99ers.: Steve (a Brit from Liverpool!) will be sharing his talent and tastes with us as we delve into the nooks and crannies of his record collection. Later he may grace us with some live music.

On this weeks True Brit!, host Simon Husbands welcomes keyboard player and musician extraordinaire Mr. Tom Bard. As well as being a huge music fan, Tom has played with the creme de la creme of musicians here in Minneapolis…..and is currently part of The Bill and Tom Show ( he's Tom, by the way ). He'll be joining Simon in chat and fun, as they prod and probe to see what Tom has in his big sack of music to share. Join them at Friday night at midnight, on KFAI!