Music Announcements

On this week’s True Brit! ( Friday night at midnight ) your host, Simon Husbands, will be wearing a fabulous pair of Italian snakeskin shoes. The perfect footwear for radio! Join Simon as he shows off his styling, as well as some natty pants and probably a nice shirt too.

This week at midnight on Friday, True Brit! will be talking to Mark Freiseis who brings stories and music of over 40 years of concerts, record collecting and playing in local bands to the airwaves. Join us? Please.

On this weeks True Brit! ( Fridays at midnight ) host Simon Husbands will be talking to author Steve Boman about his new book, FILM SCHOOL, and finding out what music makes up the soundtrack to Steve’s life. Steve has a fascinating true story about himself to tell – about a family guy dealing with family issues, work issues and not getting any younger.

It’s a double whammy! This weeks True Brit! will feature interviews with two outstanding musicians……first, Jerry Shirley – drummer with the immortal band Humble Pie. Jerry’s biography is just released and he’ll be telling stories about Syd Barrett, Keith Moon, Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott!

On October 16th at 12.00 AM True Brit! will be talking to the legendary music producer / engineer Chris Kimsey. Chris is most famous for having co-produced The Rolling Stones’ ‘Undercover’ and ‘Steel Wheels’ albums.

On this week’s True Brit!:truebrit, host Simon Husbands will be talking to Swedish musician extraordinaire, Patrik Tanner. Patrik has been part of the local music scene for many years, from being a part of Tina And The B-Sides to playing with Martin Zellar……and so Patrik will be performing some of his own material as well as sharing his music collection.

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On this Friday night’s True Brit! host Simon Husbands will be chatting to singer songwriter, Katy Vernon, as she tells us about her New Romantic days and ways, as well as performing some live music in the studio.

Katy grew up in London, England. She started writing songs when she
was 12.

This Friday night / Saturday morning at midnight, True Brit! does soul as we talk to Julie Dexter, the world renowned, award winning, British vocalist considered by many to be one of the most influential female vocalists of our generation.

On Friday night 28th January at midnight, Simon Husbands will be talking to Dennis Diken, drummer and vocalist with the legendary power pop band The Smithereens! Join Simon as he and Dennis poke around in Dennis’ record collection!

On Friday 15th / Saturday 16th at midnight, True Brit! will have a special guest – the least knowledgable music fan the show has ever had the honor to feature. Mr. Doc Boehme claims to know less about music than any other guest to have made an appearance on the show.