Music Announcements

International Jazz Conspiracy will celebrate the music of Captain Beefheart on Wednesday, January 23rd and on Wednesday, January 31st from 10:30 to midnight.

In Portuguese, “Fado” means fate or destiny. The origins of Fado music date back to at least the early 1800s.

A Big Chill is seriously settling upon Minnesota this week, so the timing should be perfect for Radio Rumpus Room’s 12th Annual Day The Surf Stood Still mid-winter surf show.

Jet Set Planet DJ Glen Leslie, and Higher-Than-Fi Researcher Steve Kyle amassed over 3 crates of used vinyl on a whirlwind, November thru December, on-the-cheap, record buying spree that took them to

Cornbread Harris and Cadillac Kolstad & The Flats will be playing live on The House Party:node/74 this Wednesday, January 16th at 5:00.

Tune in to Womenfolk:node/123 on Sunday, January 20th at 11 a.m. as popular Twin Cities artist Ellis: returns to Womenfolk for a live in-studio performance!

Every Saturday night from 9-11pm, join Siddiq from the Rhymesayers and special guests for two hours of the best in hip hop on RSE Radio:node/117.

In the wee hours of Friday January 11th, DJ SLT, host of Across the Board:node/3628, will celebrate David Bowie’s 61st birthday.

The Bitter Spills are Baby Grant Johnson and Rich Mattson, two performers with long and varied musical histories.

Tune in to KFAI this Sunday, January 6th as roots/blues artist Molly Maher: makes her debut on Womenfolk:node/123 when she gives us a sneak peak of what you can he


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