Music Announcements

On February 6, 1945 Robert Nesta Marley was born in the small village of Nine Mile in Jamaica.

On Sunday, February 10th from 3 to 6pm, KFAI will broadcast its annual Black History Month Gospel Celebration live from Walker Community Church.

Local musicians Michael Rossetto and Nicholas Lemme will stop by Pam Without Boundaries: Tuesday, February 5th, to celebrate their group’s new record.[img_assist|nid=8605|

Dan Daddy Squeeze Newton will be Jackson Buck’s guest Monday morning (9:00-11:00) on Freewheelin’.

Larry Englund, host of Rhythm and Grooves:node/63, KFAI’s Tuesday night jazz show, will broadcast live from the Artists’ Quarter on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 in a special extended version of the

It’s a couple weeks early, but that also gives you time to make plans to celebrate carnaval 2008!

The party is over. Ollie and Felix have decided to pack up their vinyl and get some sleep after years of bringing the Twin Cities the best in new and classic punk & hardcore.

This Wednesday, January 30th will be the 2nd annual Dearly Departed Show on Rockin’ In Rhythm:node/69.

Acclaimed folk/pop songwriter Mary Bue: will now be the featured guest for our February 3rd Womenfolk at Gethsemane:node/6227 concert.

Please tune in to Dig Up The Roots:node/56 on Tuesday January 29th from 9 to 11am for a musical conversation around Django Reinhardt. Join Parisota Hot Club guitarist Robb Henry, fan extraordina


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