Music Announcements

On Monday Night, August 27, Jet Set Planet:node/94 host Glen Leslie will unleash onto the KFAI listening public the greatest song ever recorded: Shorty Rogers’ Wampuskitty – his love song to t

Be sure to check out the 4th edition of the Groove Garden’s anti-Oscars: funky, groovy, jazzy soundtracks, truly worthy of award.

Listen to it here::node/116

The harmonies of mutual admiration reach a hungry listener’s ears so sweetly, and Minneapolis singer-songwriter Brianna Lane: has a knack for hearing the notes we love to swoon by.

Tunes from the Great American Songbook – High Strung String Band embodies the traditional sense of bluegrass by evoking the likes of Ralph Stanley, The Carter Family, and Doc Watson, while keeping t

Mike The Hook Deutsch will appear on House Party at 5:00 pm. Then he’ll head over to the 331 Club in NE MPLS as the guest performer on the J3 Series from 7-9 pm.

This Monday, May 10th, join Glen Leslie at 10:30pm for another Journey into Thrift Store U.S.A. This week, we play the results of our recent record run to Council Bluff Iowa. Vinyl heads know the drill: 6 hours of driving followed by 6 hours of crate digging, with only 6 minutes to breath in between.

The Juggernauts, a long-running (40+ yrs) jug band from the home of the jug bands — Louisville, Kentucky — will perform live-in-the-studio on House Party:houseparty this Wednesday in the 5 o’clock hour. Afterwards the band will head over to the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis to play the House Party Presents series from 7-9 pm.

Join host Glen Leslie for 90 minutes of the best in Exotica to celebrate the Last Night of Summer, Friday September 23rd, from 9:00 – 10:30pm. He’ll be doing his best to keep the tiki torches burning one more night!

You’ll hear from the famous Exotica practitioners as well as from the unknowns — with a handful of hacks thrown in for good measure.

So you think summer is over, hey buddy? No more mint for your mojitos? No more fresh pineapple for your Pi-Yis? No more riding bareback or sunbathing nude? No more nothing?

Please join Rockin’ in Rhythm:node/69 host David Cummings and his guest Twin Cities musician and writer Les Block.