Music Announcements

The Upper Midwest’s preeminent purveyors of surf’n‘drag sounds will be with us on Friday, May 21, as St. Paul’s the 99ers drag their gear across the Mississippi River Bridge to play live in the Radio Rumpus Room garage. We’ve been huge fans of this terrific quartet since before they landed the first of two albums on Eddie Angel’s Spinout Records label. Is that reason enough to tune in?

Join JACKSON BUCK, host of Freewheelin’:, on Friday, September 3rd as he hosts Freewheelin’ First Friday with the 99ers: and the Surf Dawgs:


This Sunday, October 26, Encuentro: will explore the use of accordion in Latin American traditional music. Since its introduction to Latin America throughout the 19th century, the accordion has been enthusiastically adopted and entire genres have been either created or dramatically modified around it.

Tune in Radio Rumpus Room this Friday, July 11 at 9 pm as the ’60s Minneapolis band the Batch stops by to visit Ron and Jean’s little garage on East Lake Street.

Tune in to The Sunday Special on Sunday, July 22 at 1 pm as host Dick Himes brings you 90 minutes of songs from the first generation of bluegrass artists.

What the heck is swamp pop? To find out, tune in Friday, November 28th from 6 am to 11 am for the first annual Swamp Pop Radio Show. Hosted by several KFAI deejays including Blanche from Fubar Omniverse, Larry Englund from Rhythm and Grooves, David Cummings from Rockin’ n Rhythm and of course Karl & Mick from Louisiana Rhythms.

This week the Brass Messengers will be appearing live on House Party:node/74 (Wednesday, 3-6pm).

Join guest host John Kohring as he explores the pleasures of the alto saxophone on Thursday night June 14th, 10:30 to Midnight on the Collective Eye:node/92.

Collective Eye: host Janis Lane-Ewart will be joined by Twin Cities’composer/musician Douglas Ewart on Thursday, June 25, to pay homage to multi-instrumenalist Eric Dolphy. Born June 20, 1928, in Los Angeles, Dolphy was one of several groundbreaking jazz alto saxophone players rising to prominence during the 1960s.

Eve sits in for Ken Hippler on GOOD & COUNTRY to play some of her C&W favorites; a dream realized! Special guest artist Prudence Johnson stops in to sing country with Tim Hennessy on guitar & Joe Savage on pedal steel, in studio! Be our guest for a soulful 2 hours of country moods from 3-5 p.m. on Saturday….