Music Announcements

Be sure and tune in Monday May 9th from 3:00 to 4:00 when Mr. Ted Unseth joins Rockin’ in Rhythm host David Cummings in the studio. Ted wears many hats, he’s a talented songwriter, musician, composer and arranger. Ted is also the founder of the original Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra and the current leader of his new band The American Classic Jazz Orchestra.

Tune in to Spin With Cyn: this Tuesday, July 26 as Cyn Collins airs her recent interview with highly influential guitarist Richard Lloyd, of the legendary New York post-punk band Television.

Television formed in New York City in 1973 when Lloyd and his roommate Terry Ork saw Tom Miller aka Verlaine perform three songs.

Tennessee-based Telisha & Doug Williams: will be swinging through town and stopping by Womenfolk to play live on Tuesday, May 3rd. The duo made a big splash last summer when they played KFAI’s stage at Taste of Minnesota, and now they’ll return to talk about their Americana-charting album Ghost of the Knoxville Girl and play some new songs.

Faithful, fearless listeners, and lost souls wandering the dial, be sure to tune in Saturday, November 1st from 7-9pm for the Temposphere’s Halloween Edition: Haunted Beats!

Do you hate Oscar-winning movie music? I sure do. That’s why this Saturday, on Oscar’s Eve, I’ll be up in the Temposphere playing film scores that are truly worthy of award.

Next Sunday tune in for Womenfolk’s annual Home & Hearth special, celebrating food, family and the home place.

The Upper Midwest’s preeminent purveyors of surf’n‘drag sounds will be with us on Friday, May 21, as St. Paul’s the 99ers drag their gear across the Mississippi River Bridge to play live in the Radio Rumpus Room garage. We’ve been huge fans of this terrific quartet since before they landed the first of two albums on Eddie Angel’s Spinout Records label. Is that reason enough to tune in?

Join JACKSON BUCK, host of Freewheelin’:, on Friday, September 3rd as he hosts Freewheelin’ First Friday with the 99ers: and the Surf Dawgs:


This Sunday, October 26, Encuentro: will explore the use of accordion in Latin American traditional music. Since its introduction to Latin America throughout the 19th century, the accordion has been enthusiastically adopted and entire genres have been either created or dramatically modified around it.

Tune in Radio Rumpus Room this Friday, July 11 at 9 pm as the ’60s Minneapolis band the Batch stops by to visit Ron and Jean’s little garage on East Lake Street.