Music Announcements

Join Glen Leslie on Jet Set Planet for The Look of Love Special, Friday Night at 9 on February 11th – just in time to kick off Valentine’s Day Weekend. 28 versions of the same song, played one, after another, after another, after another…

Good & Country: will be presenting an all 1970s country music show on Saturday, February 12th from 3-5 pm. The program will feature the original hit versions of songs heard on country radio back then-none of those re-recordings that you may find on hastily prepared and ill conceived compilations which can be found just about everywhere.

If you like the old psychedelic, blues, rock evocative of Blue Cheer, you’ll LOVE VOODOO. This is a new local band that’s getting traction. Lewis Franti and Paul Sauey continued their past musical relationship with the key addition of Johnny Kasai on guitar.

Log onto Poquito y Bueno for the Thursday show on February 10 and be the first person to email the title of the Gipsy Kings song played on that show, and then you’ll also be the winner a pair of free tickets to the Gipsy Kings concert at the State Theatre on Sunday, February 20th, at 7:00 pm.

Set your clock to attend KFAI’s Midwinter Warm Up, Saturday, February 5, 2011 at the St. Paul Eagles Club:, 287 Maria Avenue, St. Paul, 55106.

On this week’s True Brit!, the special guest will be Chris Reimenschneider, music writer for the Star Tribune. Chris has been covering the Twin Cities music scene since 2001, long enough to earn a shout-out from Prince during “Play That Funky Music (White Boy).” The St.

Tonight’s episode of Radio Pocho features special guest: Martin Perna (Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra & Ocote Soul Sounds) He’ll be on to share new music from Ocote and Antibalas and to talk about Go Passport an arts and culture youth project he’s been working on in Austin, TX.

Join Glen Leslie on Jet Set Planet Friday Night at 9 for the Greatest Recording Ever! Yes it’s true Glen has made similar proclamations in the past, but this time, it’s true. And because he’s so confident that this is indeed the Greatest Recording, Ever, he’ll also be playing past Greatest Recordings, Ever just so you can compare.

Our old friends Big Surf will give us a full two hour set of all their great surf tunes. They’ve been on KFAI before and we love ‘em. BIG SURF takes surf genre signatures — the pounding drums, rapid fire guitar licks, those oceans of sweet, sweet reverb – and spikes the punch with progressive song structures and world music flare.

On Friday night 28th January at midnight, Simon Husbands will be talking to Dennis Diken, drummer and vocalist with the legendary power pop band The Smithereens! Join Simon as he and Dennis poke around in Dennis’ record collection!


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