Music Announcements

Soul/Disco legend Donna Summer spoke with DJ Ronny D Friday, August 29th at Midnight on This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ (or This Little Girl’s Gone Disco). Ron will chatted with Donna live on the air and offered up CDs and tickets to her Sunday night performance at Mystic Lake. To listen to the 20 minute interview click here:

KFAI’s Roots Saturday returns on Saturday, October 25th, presenting Doug Otto & the Getaways, Sophie Perez, and Joe Haessly at the Acadia Cafe.

Minnesota Americana/roots musician Doug Spartz will be Jackson Buck’s guest on Freewheelin’:node/3293, Monday, November 5th (9:00-11:00AM).

Tuesday, April 22nd, Pam will be joined once again by lovely songwriters and musicians from across the pond, Duncan Maitland and Fran King.

Dublin-based musician, songwriter, producer Duncan Maitland visits KFAI Tuesday, May 18th, 8am, to sit in on Pam Without Boundaries: He’s written and made music with top UK band Picture House, with Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding of XTC, and has visited KFAI with fellow Dublin-based songwriter Fran King.

Collective Eye: host, Janis Lane-Ewart, interviews Twin Cities spoken word artist, poet, entrepreneur, e.g. bailey Thursday, February 11th. His new cd, AMERICAN AFRIKAN officially drops on Saturday, February 20th at The Bedlam Theater:

Join composer and musician Carolyn Elerding this Sunday for a exploration of early electronic music. She will look at early synthesizers, tape manipulation and turntablism and other original techniques for creating music. For a special treat, Carolyn has scheduled a live, in-studio performance featuring the spellbinding electronic instrument, the Theremin.

Less than a year after becoming a KFAI volunteer, and only a few months after board certification, I was called by the Program Director and asked if I could substitute on the Wednesday overnight slot for awhile. So, back in August of 1996, my pal Terry (aka TurntableTerrorist) and I aired the first dubwise program we called The Echo Chamber.

It will be a crazy kind of night…in a cloud of ganja smoke…in the upcoming Echo Chamber:node/68, Wednesday, April 16th, 2-5am.

On Wednesday, August 22 from 2-5 am, Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss will set up shop at the Dub Club Tiki Bar for the annual Echo Beach dog days of summer special.