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On Friday afternoons during the month of February, KFAI will test a new program proposal that's intended to foster a deeper understanding of the Somali community in Minneapolis.

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Womenfolk’s “Songs of Winter” special on 12/17 featuring an interview with Heather Masse.

Qualifying high school students in Minnesota can earn college level credit through the state’s Postsecondary Enrollment Options program, also known as PSEO. Earning college credits before graduating from high school is one great way for Minnesota students and their families to save money on higher education.
In 2012 the law was expanded to cover more students. KFAI’s Abeni Hill spoke with Marisa Gustafson and Joe Nathan from the Center for School Change and they said word of that expansion has been slow to get out.

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The World Cup competition in Brazil is nearing its conclusion with the final game set between Argentina and Germany. In this edition of KFAI’s World Cup Update, Pablo Miranda, co-host of the KFAI show Latino Alt Rock, talks with Nik Wilson, a soccer fanatic who, before the World Cup began, picked Argentina and Germany to be in the final.

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Story by Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

Over the last three decades, more than 93,000 refugees have come to Minnesota. Refugees have been resettling in Minnesota in large numbers since the mid-1990s. Minnesota has become home to some of the largest communities of Hmong, Somali and Liberians in the United States. Saturday, June 16th at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, World Refugee Day will be celebrated with entertainment, food and education.
Two of the honorary chairpeople for the event are Mohammed Meran Ahmed and Fatuma Elmi.

Mohammed Meran Ahmed was born and raised in Iraq and lived through multiple wars and hardships. He is trained as an aircraft engineer, and now makes his home in Minnesota.

Fatuma Elmi was born in Somalia where the collapse of the government in the early 90’s made it necessary for many Somali people to find homes elsewhere. Though she had a good education and had worked for an oil company in the United Arab Emirates, she took a housekeeping job at a Minneapolis hotel to make ends meet. She has worked with other refugees for 17 years through Lutheran Social Services.

Chairpersons Ahmed and Elmi appeared on KFAI’s Weekly News.

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Thru the end of "Voices of Ethiopia" at 5pm Sunday, wonderful listeners have pledged more than $30,000 to our Fall Pledge Drive. Thank you for keeping the momentum going in support of the station which supports communities like no other station! 

From drum-n-bass to metal to gospel music to the many languages spoken on our streets…the studios at KFAI welcome and support it all. And thanks to listener-members, we can continue bringing it to you!

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KFAI's recent Fall Membership Drive was an unqualified success, with mailed-in pledges pushing it past the $65,000 goal within 48 hours of wrapping up the on-air portion of our "right-sized" two-week fundraising effort. As the final contributions to the pre-drive mailer continue to show up in the daily mail, it appears we may even "tickle" the magic $70,000 figure. Job well done, KFAI members and supporters!

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The second annual PFLAG conference, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons, is scheduled for Friday, January 18 at Hamline University in St. Paul.  The focus this time is on bullying in schools, with a special emphasis on school athletics. 

Teachers, social workers, psychologists, parents and students will gather to talk about improving the environment that faces young LGBT athletes. 

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CONGRATULATIONS to the 90th & 106th Donor – Elena from St. Paul and Emily from Minneapolis. Elena and Emily will be receiving the Seward Coop’s 40th Anniversary, first edition, of “Growing With Purpose.”

KFAI has exceeded its Give To The Max goal of $7,000. As of midnight, 136 donors have “Given To The Max” to KFAI with $8,602.30. KFAI’s thanks you for your continued and unswerving financial support. KFAI DONORS ROCK!

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Strike up the drums! The KFAI Facebook page has reached a MILESTONE 5,000 LIKES!!!

It happened Monday afternoon around 3:30pm with drummer extraordinaire Richard Medek hitting that lovely thumb, becoming the 5,000 fan to like something we did on Facebook. We couldn't be more excited! 

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