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The recent news that a patient at a Dallas hospital has the Ebola virus has caused a stir in the United States.  But for many Americans, Ebola has already hit very close to home.

Decontee Kofa Sawyer of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, lost her husband to the disease.   Patrick Sawyer was working as a diplomat in Liberia.  He collapsed after getting off a plane in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was scheduled to attend a conference before returning to Minnesota to celebrate two of his three daughters’ birthdays.

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The city of St. Paul has several large parcels of land in transition right now. Among them is the Ford Plant location in the Highland Park neighborhood on the banks of the Mississippi River, the former Dayton’s and Macy’s department store building downtown; the 3M property on the city’s east side and also the Hamm’s brewery location. Cecile Bedor is St. Paul’s Planning and Economic Development Director, she talked with Dale Connelly in The Morning Blend.

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When folk singer and activist Pete Seeger died, many of the tributes mentioned his influence on generations of musicians and community organizers. In the Twin Cities, one person who was deeply affected by Pete Seeger is singer-songwriter Larry Long.
Long stopped by KFAI and talked with Dale Connelly about his forty year friendship with Pete Seeger – a relationship that started with a coincidental connection at a rally back in the 1970’s.

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More than four million Syrians have fled their country in the last several years. So far the U.S. has taken in about 1,500 Syrian refugees.  Suzan Boulad is a University of Minnesota law student who has family in Syria, and last Sunday she organized a rally at Minnehaha Park, asking the United States and Minnesota to do more for Syrian refugees.

Suzan spoke with Paul Brohaugh on the Thursday Morning Blend. 

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Join Laura Waterman Wittstock on FIRST PERSON RADIO Wednesday, March 9, 2016 as she talks with Lee Ann Tall Bear, Mdewankton/Sisseton Dakota and Arapaho.We’ll talk about her exceptional career, her children and some long battles as a descendant of His Red Nation (Little Crow) to gain greater recognition and respect for this great Dakota leader. She is pictured here with Mike Greeley and Della Eastman, direct decendents of His Red Nation.
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Same sex marriage became legal in Minnesota at midnight.  Marriages were performed in several locations around the state with committed couples taking advantage of the first opportunity to join in matrimony. 

The largest celebration was in downtown Minneapolis at City Hall.

KFAI’s Xan Holston was there.  We'll hear the report he wrote and recorded as voiced by Ryan Dawes.  And then Janis Lane-Ewart will report from the Midnight Marriage Madness at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis.  


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Minneapolis will elect a new city council this fall. Some of the wards are hotly contested, and in several cases the incumbent city council member failed to get the DFL party’s endorsement for re-election. That’s the case in the 6th ward, where newcomer Abdi Warsame will face current council member Robert Lilligren.
Robert Lilligren recently sat down with KFAI’s Cynthia Montana, who asked him to explain why he’s running.

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Former Minneapolis city council member Robert Lilligren has taken over the top post at Little Earth of United Tribes Housing Corporation, a Native preference housing development located in the Philips neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

His appointment comes amid a rising concern over resident safety.

Lilligren talked with KFAI's Allison Herrera about how his history in the city and the neighborhood has prepared him for this job.

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The Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis has been troubled by isolated cases of violence. 

Wednesday night in Phillips a man died after being stabbed in an argument with another man.  

Last June in the same neighborhood, a group of youth and staff at Little Earth of United Tribes were playing kickball at Cedar field when gunshots were fired nearby.    That incident launched an effort by the young people to create a positive response. 

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