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During the summer of 2012 students in KFAI’s Youth News Initiative program produced radio pieces about stories important to them. The topics ranged from stop and frisk policies in Minneapolis to a male perspective on abortion. Students produced their pieces with the help of YNI supervisors Dale Connelly and Emily Krumberger and their individual mentors.

The 2016 Elections in Minneapolis are giving residents the opportunity to vote for Minneapolis Public School Board seats. Voters will choose almost half of the city’s school board. Three incumbents are running for re-election to the board, and all three of them face challengers.

To hear the candidates click on the 'Play' button below….

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On Monday, January 19th, the United Negro College Fund and General Mills collaborated to present the 25th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  This massive celebration has become a Twin Cities tradition.  

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Obama Administration Calls for Rules Changes

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Story by Charlie Rudoy

Chris Fields is a different sort of Republican.

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A group of singers connected to the National Lutheran Choir wants to start a month-long Fringe Festival-like event built around singing, called The Northern Voice Festival.

They’re seeking proposals for Voice events that would be included in the festival from April 10 to May 10. The deadline for proposals is December 22.

Northern Voice executive producer Randall Davidson talked with KFAI’s Ryan Dawes during Tuesday's Morning Blend.


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