General Announcements

If you have been contemplating getting that old bike out of your garage to ride it more this year, Thursday is a great day to start. It is Walk or Ride to Work Day: in the Twin Cities!


Minneapolis and U of M officials met at the Oak Street Parking ramp in Minneapolis to introduce the city’s new bike share program. It is intended to give everyone a chance to commute by means of bicycle throughout the Twin Cities. KFAI’s Katey DeCelle reports.

A recent stabbing on the bike trail in Minneapolis near Hiawatha Avenue initially alarmed people, but the complicated circumstances surrounding the incident have raised a lot more issues about safety and self-defense. KFAI’s News Director Ahndi Fridell reports.


An overflow crowd of more than 500 people gathered at the Church of the Incarnation in South Minneapolis on Sunday – sharing words of hope with 5th Congressional District representative Keith Ellison and Congressman Luis Gutierrez from Illinois.

Christina Kolar reports on a bill to stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

We are investing more time and money than ever into biofuels in the hopes that they will create a better environment and less dependence on foreign oil.

In the early 1800’s, John Audubon decided to paint a portrait of every bird in North America.

Hamline University in St. Paul will host one of the nation’s premier bisexual activism events at the 16th Annual BECAUSE: Bisexual Empowerment Conference. KFAI reporter Jessica Folker spoke with BECAUSE co-chairperson Becky Saltzman to learn more about what the conference will offer.


A Minnesota based group has proudced a report that claims the chemical BPA has been found in several different kinds of canned foods frequently used to prepare meals at Thanksgiving.

Dutch-born director Paul Verhoeven spent many years in Hollywood, making such films as RoboCop, Basic Instinct and Starship Troopers.