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As sexual violence awareness month comes to an end, the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition is holding a conference this week to address issues of sexual violence in the Native American community. Tricia Cook is the education and training coordinator for the Coalition, a statewide organization headquartered in St.

While snow blankets the streets all around us, indoors farmers are preparing for the coming growing season. A conference was held to bring together immigrant and minority farmers from across the state. KFAI’s Dan Gordon has the story.


Story by Teresa Townsend

Although few Minnesotans know about the ongoing struggle between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the conflict has a long history and a global reach.
Some Minnesota families have felt the situation’s tragic side effects when relatives, trying to leave Eritrea, have been kidnapped by smugglers.
KFAI’s Teresa Townsend has a report.

Story by Lia Morone

An organization in Minneapolis hosts a bi-monthly event to introduce people to the idea of peaceful conflict resolution using volunteer mediators. One of KFAI’s volunteers, Lia Morone, attended the Conflict Resolution Center’s Taste of Mediation to find out more.

The principal at a Minneapolis elementary school is absent from work after a reportedly heated exchange with a school board member last week. Burroughs Elementary Principal Tim Cadotte was not in his office today. On Friday, Cadotte had an altercation in the school office with School Board Member Chris Stewart.

Story by Bob Hines and Michelle Alimoradi

The Republican Party has selected a candidate to run against Minnesota 5th district congressman, Keith Ellison. His name is Chris Fields and he is not a typical Minnesota Republican candidate.

5th District Congressman Keith Ellison spoke to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell late last week to provide his congressional update. The focus? Why, health care, of course.


During this week’s legislative updates, Congressman Keith Ellison: focuses on the Brain Injury Act, credit justice to consumers, the 2nd Chance Act, the cost of the Iraq War

DFL Congressman Keith Ellison, representing Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, contributes regular weekly legislative updates every week during KFAI’s evening news.

DFL Congressman Keith Ellison, representing Minnesota’s 5th congressional district contributes weekly legislative updates during KFAI’s evening news.