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For years, there has been a politically correct dance going on about what to call Americans whose ancestors came from Africa. Black, African American and Negro all appear on the census. But what about the new wave of African immigrants? They first registered large numbers in the 2000 census, more than doubling the 1990 count.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Minnesota campaign held a press conference to discuss the local campaign infrastructure.

At a May 8 meeting sponsored by the DFL Educational Foundation, a newly formed coalition of desegregation advocates told educators, activists, and policy makers that addressing educational policy alone won’t close the achievement gap between white students and their minority counterparts. Instead, the group is advocating a metropolitan-wide change that would link housing and educational policy.

The Mill City Museum is the hallmark of the milling industry that transformed the Minneapolis riverfront in the 19th century.
Both General Mills and Pillsbury are synonymous with this milling district that sits near St. Anthony Falls. Until very recently, many people did not know it’s also a significant spot for the Dakota people, who call Minneapolis their birthplace.

Story by Susan Gray

A group of organizations opposed to the Voter ID Amendment gathered at the State Capitol yesterday to announce the launch of “Our Vote, Our Future” a coordinated campaign to defeat the measure.
The Coalition includes 80 organizations from across the state representing a wide spectrum of interests.

KFAI’s Susan Gray has more.

In the middle of controversy and partisan posturing, the economic stimulus package was recently passed into law. Minnesota will receive 9 billion dollars in tax cuts and new federal aid through the 787 billion dollar stimulus bill.

Unknown to many, almost destroyed by Highway 55 and unavailable to the public for the better part of fifty years, Coldwater Spring was an important place in Minnesota history long before statehood.

The Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center in South Minneapolis celebrated its grand opening on October 4th.

United Steelworkers, the Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition and Witness for Peace-Upper Midwest recently sponsored a series of forums throughout Minnesota to discuss Colombia labor union assassinations an