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These days, more and more diners at restaurants are asking, Is this local? The Twin Cities boasts a growing number of restaurants that offer locally grown ingredients on their menus. Chefs, caterers, and restaurnat owners are showing interest in getting to know the farmers in the surrounding areas.

A bird bander in northern Minnesota captured a black capped chickadee last week, and discovered that he was looking at an old friend. Ornithologist Michael North re-captured a bird he had banded 9 years ago. At that time of the first banding the bird was two years old, so this individual bird is the Oldest Known Living Chickadee on Earth, at 11 years, 6 months.

Minneapolis-based Lerner Publishing Group recalled the children’s book, Angel Girl, based on the love story of a Holocaust survivor that turned out to be false. KFAI’s Elena Erofeeva has the story.

January 15, 2009

Chipotle Mexican Grill has fired more than 100 workers in recent weeks. Yesterday, ex-employees gathered to protest their firing, alleging that Chiptole had given no them advance notice, owed them for hours worked, and has treated Latino workers—who organizers say make up more than 80% of Chipotle’s employees—unfairly.

John Choi and David Schultz are running for Ramsey County Attorney, an office held for the past 16 years by Susan Geartner. Both candidates say their experience sets them apart. KFAI reporter Marty Owings filed this report about the race.

You see them every day – tossed in the back of pick-up trucks and tied to the roofs of cars. This is prime time for Christmas tree sales, and KFAI’s Erika Lantz took time to visit with the some of the people who work in urban lots that suddenly turn green for a few weeks each year.

Earlier this month, people traveled from all across the United States to Washington, DC. They lobbied Congress to reform immigration laws. SEIU Local 26 is a union that represents janitorial workers in the Twin Cities. A member of SEIU Local 26, Julio Sotelo, spoke to Minnesota’s Senators when he traveled to DC. He spoke to KFAI’s Paulina Yanez for this report.


The 7th Ward is an economically and racially diverse area on the East Side of St. Paul. In a debate hosted by the St.

The Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority (CRA) Board published a report last month reviewing the performance of Police Chief Tim Dolan. The Board was critical of the Department’s lack of discipline for officers involved in CRA cases. The CRA will hold a public hearing Wednesday, January 6, to discuss the report’s conclusions and take comments from the public.

For years, there has been a politically correct dance going on about what to call Americans whose ancestors came from Africa. Black, African American and Negro all appear on the census. But what about the new wave of African immigrants? They first registered large numbers in the 2000 census, more than doubling the 1990 count.