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With former FOX 9 anchor Robyne Robinson announcing today that she will be DFLer Matt Entenza’s running mate for governor, the race for Minnesota’s executive governing position is starting to get interesting. KFAI’s Capitol correspondent Marty Owings discusses the latest in Minnesota’s gubernatorial race with MinnPost media critic and reporter David Brauer.


As Minnesota’s first Catholic woman bishop, Regina Nicolosi is responsible for ordaining other women who are stepping into leadership roles. Despite being excommunicated, Nicolosi explains to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell why she and other women have decided to defy the traditional Catholic hierarchy.


In a full hour of ‘caucus coverage’ on the night of SuperTuesday beginning at 6pm, we feature local political analysts, bloggers, and journalists from around the Twin Cities area in a pre-caucus round

Last night, members of the DFL, Republican, and Independence parties gathered for precinct caucuses across the state. The caucuses are the start of the party endorsement races and have been praised for fostering grassroots political activism and civic involvement.

The Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis is home to a large immigrant population and a number of pubs. It is sometimes a volatile combination. West Bank Community Coalition President Ben Marcy spoke to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell about the increase in crime this fall.


In the inner city of Minneapolis, residents are taking their safety and wellness of their neighborhood into their own hands. Like many inner city neighborhoods, crime can be a prevailing issue. In Cedar-Riverside, there are weekly community patrols to ease concerns of crime in the neighborhood. KFAI’s Jason Patrick tagged along last week to find out more.

Cedar-Riverside is a diverse Minneapolis neighborhood with a burgeoning populous of people from all over the world. But like many inner city neighborhoods, residents are always thinking of ways to prevent crime and promote public safety.

This Sunday marks the annual celebration of the Juneteenth holiday, the oldest nationally celebrated holiday commemorating the freeing of the last slaves in the US at the end of the Civil War. In June 1865, Union troops entered Galveston, Texas, and announced the news of the Emancipation Proclamation to the slaves, two and a half years after President Lincoln first signed the proclamation.

Story by Terry Carter

Tuesday, March 20th is the birthday of the late Children’s TV host Fred Rogers. A lot of people who grew up watching his long-running show on public television miss Fred Rogers and find comfort in their memories of watching his show.

Seward neighborhood recently hosted a memorial for its eldest resident — a Burr Oak tree that is more than 300 years old. KFAI’s Elena Erofeeva was at the event, where neighbors celebrated the tree’s tricentennial with poetry, songs, and stories.