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Story by Allison Osberg

With the changing seasons and the first few flakes of snow, artists who look for inspiration outside now turn their attention to opportunities indoors. Fortunately for them, the Bell Museum of Natural History offers a sketch night where nature can be observed from the comfort of a cozy room.
KFAI’s Allison Osberg went to the museum and filed this report.

Story by Eric Blom

A group of Occupy Minnesota protesters took up new positions at a Minneapolis home last night. This move signals a change in tactics for at least part of the group that has been demonstrating in the plaza between the Hennepin County Government Center and Minneapolis City Hall since early October.

Story by Mike Fischbein

We all know how hard it is to find a job in today’s economy. And yet businesses that do construction are often required to offer opportunities for groups that are under-represented in the industry. Before that can happen, people need training.

KFAI and Truth To Tell brought listeners the results of St. Paul’s City Council and School Board elections on Tuesday evening, November 8th 2011.

Andy Driscoll and Michelle Alimoradi welcomed in-studio guests Yusef Mgeni, Anne White and Kazoua Kong-Thao.

On the phone they talked with Katey DeCelle, Jeanne Massey, John Manillo, Dave Thune, Anne Carrol and Melvin Carter III.

Story by Ed Draper

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota is asking Hennepin County to rescind new restrictions placed on the Occupy MN protests at the county’s Government Center Plaza.

Story by Susan Gray

Entertainer Judy Garland’s remarkable life story has been told through her music and mania at two theaters in St. Paul.

Story by Michael Fischbein

Thousands of Tibetans and their supporters are protesting the actions of the Chinese government. Since last Spring, there has been a Chinese military presence at the Ngaba Kirti Monastery in Eastern Tibet. Ten Tibetan monks and one Tibetan nun have set fire to themselves in protest of this presence.

Story by Allison Osberg

Aircraft noise has increasingly become a concern for South Minneapolis residents since last September when the Federal Aviation Administration changed take-off procedures on the north parallel runway at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Last week the Metropolitan Airports Commission held a public input meeting to record the residents questions and concerns.

A near-collision in midair last year led the Federal Aviation Administration to change some procedures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Those changes were made quietly, but the result was a hike in jet noise for some residents of certain areas in South Minneapolis.

The University of Minnesota will commission a new 420 foot tall wind turbine on October 25th in Rosemount, at U-More Park. It’s a bit unusual to see a gigantic wind turbine so close to a major metropolitan area, but this one has a special role to play. Not only will it generate electricity, but it will serve as a research center to test new wind power technology.