General Announcements

The Minnesota Department of Health suggests that the risk of West Nile Virus is up significantly following recent warm weather.

Several immigrant and consumers rights groups came together on September 24 to launch a boycott against Western Union.

What does it really mean to be a citizen or member of a community? This topic was explored at a student anti-war demonstration earlier this month on the campus of Macalester College.

DFL Congressman Keith Ellison, representing Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, contributes regular weekly legislative updates during the KFAI evening news on Monday nights.

Story by Nathan Jones

Spring is here, and if you pay attention you might see some furry fliers around your porch light tonight after a long winter hibernation. But hibernating bats are under threat from a mysterious disease that could lead to their extinction.

We present another installment of Who’s Spinning Who, a regular segment by Cyn Collins, a Twin Cities arts and culture writer, author of West Bank Boogie, and substitute music programmer on KFAI.

In this segment of Who’s Spinning Who, local music writer and author of West Bank Boogie, Cyn Collins talks to local recording engineer and producer Tom Herbers about some of his favorite songs, b

Giving a voice to those in the know…Local arts Writer Cyn Collins interviews musicians, producers, bookers, record store amd label staff, and other music fans talking about and spinning their favori

Fall has arrived, and a glut of supposedly important or serious
movies are coming out. They’re vying to be remembered for awards, specifically the Oscars. This made film-lover Will Wright wonder what makes a movie important and why we care or pay attention to such things when it’s only entertainment.

Will Allen is the closest thing to a celebrity when it comes to local food issues. As the co-founder and CEO of Growing Power, an urban farming learning center based in Milwaukee, he’s been featured in several recent food-related documentaries. Allen spoke at a reception at Little Earth in Minneapolis to celebrate the Urban Farm Project.