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As the state reels from the shock of the I-35W bridge collapse, Minnesotans are also stepping up to the plate by generously offering financial gifts for relief efforts to those affected.

From the country’s first president to its latest, American Commanders in Chief have wielded the controversial power of executive privilege.

The Center for Energy and Environment is inviting you to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge.

Everyone probably knows the feeling of never having enough time to do what you want in one day. So we tend to do all of our shopping in one day.

On Friday, July 20th, jurors reached a final verdict in the trial of Minnesota cyclist Stephan Orsak.

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Minnesota will offer resources to those suffering trauma from the collapse of the I-35W bridge.

The 35W Bridge site has been visited by many people since its collapse last week, although some have been more unwelcome than others.

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Workers from the University of Minnesota held a rally entitled, Stand Up for Our Standard of Living,: to support a new wage settlement.

Congressman James Oberstar of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional district held a press conference on August 8th at the Lock and Dam visitor center to lay out new legislation to support what he calls a fede

Interstate 35W collapsed into the Mississippi River a little after 6 pm on Wednesday, August 1st. The bridge is just blocks away from the KFAI studios on the West Bank in Minneapolis.