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5th District Congressman Keith Ellison recently traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon. He traveled with five other House members as part of the House Democracy Assistance Commission. He spoke to KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell about the trip, as well as an update on health care legislation that is moving through the legislative process.


A startling 25% of Minnesota’s 9th graders are graduating from high school and moving on to complete their college education.

Veteran’s for Peace local chapter 27 held their annual bell ringing ceremony today at the “First Shot Memorial” on the Capitol grounds in St. Paul. KFAI’s Roger Huelsnitz was at the memorial, and has the story.


Vicki Gass is the Senior Associate on Rights and Development of the Washington Office on Latin America.

People have been trying to think and identify themselves outside of racial boxes since before WEB Du Bois called the color line the problem of the twentieth century.

The Twin Cities is home to a wide variety of independently owned clothing stores, including many thrift stores and retro shops. Vintage fashion is especially popular, but what draws locals to clothes from the past? KFAI’s Sabrina Crews went to Rewind in Minneapolis, and Lula in St. Paul, to talk to business owners about the lure of vintage fashion.

Story by Bob Hines

V.J. Smith describes himself as “a turnaround specialist”. He was abandoned by his parents when he was nine years old. Placed in foster care, he eventually ran away and got involved with drugs and criminal activity that led to his arrest in the early 1980s. He decided straighten out his life and started looking for positive ways to affect his community.

Story by Christina Cerruti

For over a year, the struggle between the people of Syria and the Syrian government has been making headlines around the world. A large number of Syrians live outside the country … some of them here in Minnesota.

Womenfolk will feature the top women's folk/acoustic CDs of 2013 on Tuesday, January 14th as voted by you! To cast your vote for your top picks of the past year, email by Sunday, January 12th at 6 pm. Then tune in on Tuesday from 2-4 pm Central to hear your favorite albums and picks from DJs, critics and your favorite Womenfolk artists!