General Announcements

Tribute to the Troops is a non-profit corporation that helps the families of fallen soldiers. Members will be visitng Minneapolis this weekend to take part in the 6th annual motorcycle ride and benefit concert. Co-founder and musician, Rockie Lynne, spoke to KFAI’s Roger Huelsnitz about the charitable corporation, and his motivation for creating the program.


Last Sunday, a documentary on the Mississippi River produced in collaboration with the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum carried out its premiere showing as planned. This came after the plug was abruptly pulled on the project from University Administration with little explanation as to why.

This week Truth to Tell’s Andy Driscoll and Lynell Mickelsen talk with a variety of GLBT organizations and advocates about this legislative session’s agenda around human rights issues and their differing approaches to ensuring equal treatment and recognition of same-sex families in housing, employment, health care, financial and estate matters.

What Minnesota GLBT advocates want is not an easy

Tune in Wednesday, December 3rd at 11 am for a discussion with Growth & Justice senior staff members Dane Smith and Angie Eilers about that organization’s report and proposal for investments in Minnesota’s public education system–-Smart Investments in Minnesota’s Students. Truth to Tell hosts Andy Driscoll and Lynell Mickelsen will ask them how anything ambitious can be done in a climate of

Tune in on Wednesday, February 18th at 11 am as Truth to Tell’s special Single-Payer Healthcare: Are We There Yet?

For the umpteenth successive Legislative session a bill consolidating all Minnesota health insurance into a single public source and making coverage mandatory for all residents. It’s rarely ever found its way out of committee.

Tune in to Wednesday, February 11th from 11 am to 12 pm as Truth to Tell discusses The Obama Era: Perceptions, Expectations and Policies.

Just what does this sea change in America’s governance mean to us at home in Minnesota – especially in communities suffering under the twin sieges of economic disparity and discrimination – joblessness, homelessness, foreclosure, and debt

Tune in to Wednesday, December 31st at 11 am for a special congressional review of the past year as U.S. Representatives Betty McCullom and Keith Ellison stop by the show.

Hosted by Andy Driscoll, Truth to Tell takes this year-end opportunity to review the policies and politics of 2008 and their impact on Twin Cities residents – and the change and expectations we can look for in 2009.

July 12-13, 2008, marked the 12th year of the Twin Cities Dragon Festival, the state’s largest festival celebrating Asian American culture.

The negotiation between the Minnesota Nurses Association and local hospitals is at a bit of a public standstill. Nurses approved a one-day strike during a vote last week, but have not yet announced a date. KFAI’s Anibal Prestan gives an update on the main point of the contention.


Three outreach programs at the University of Minnesota recently teamed up to launch a program to teach North Minneapolis high school students about cooking, nutrition, and running a restaurant business. KFAI’s Amanda Balagur brings us the story.