General Announcements

When the first Hmong state representative, Cy Thao, DFL-St. Paul, announced that he will not run for re-election this year, four candidates announced that they will run for his House seat in District 65A. The candidates introduced themselves to voters in the central St. Paul district at a forum a week before the DFL endorsing convention.

The City of Minneapolis got a jump start on promoting the 2010 census, the tally of people living in America. As KFAI’s Anibal Prestan reports, the City is concerned that every person is counted so it will not lose millions of dollars in federal and state money.

The Capri Theater in North Minneapolis is a central piece to the West Broadway revitalization effort. In the midst of a major fundraising campaign, the theater’s renovation plans were unveiled yesterday. KFAI’s Elena Erofeeva reports.

North Country Co-op, the first collectively run grocery in Minneapolis, recently announced in a statement from the board of directors that they will be closing its doors on November 4th.

As the State, the City of Minneapolis, and Minneapolis Public Schools prepare to make deep budget cuts, they’re asking the public for help in determining where to downsize. KFAI reporter Anna Pratt asked Minneapolis City Council Member, Robert Lilligen, and Analyst Dane Smith, from the local think tank, Growth and Justice, whether people’s input really matters.

January 27, 2009

Story by Susan Gray

Entertainer Judy Garland’s remarkable life story has been told through her music and mania at two theaters in St. Paul.

The 2007 Farm Bill has attracted a lot of media attention. But why does the Farm Bill matter to people who don’t farm?

Barry Babcock, a historian from northern Minnesota, has been researching the forgotten history of George Bonga and his family in honor of Black History month. Bonga was half African and half Native American, and he was a voyageur — a fur trapper and trader — in the early 1800s. Babcock explains how he first found out about the Bonga family.


As a sign that the close of the summer is drawing near in the Twin Cities, the annual Fringe Festival will kick off tomorrow and run through August 10 with over 100 performance.