General Announcements

Minnesota made green history Tuesday in downtown Minneapolis. The Target Center is the first sports arena in the nation to have green roofing. The roof is 167 feet in the sky and can only be accessed through a series of elevators, staircases, and a ladder. The roof looks like a baseball field and will soon support Minneosta prairie plants, but it isn’t open to the public. KFAI reporter Ivan B.

The Target Center was bustling with the sounds of many different languages, melodies, and musical instruments on Sunday for the Lift Kids United World Campaign. The all-day event featured performers from a variety of different ethnic communities in celebration of Minnesota’s cultural diversity. KFAI’s Ian Yue got a sneak peak of this world-class event.


Target’s $500,000 donation to Minnesota Forward, a political action committee that used money to sponsor ads for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, has sparked an outcry amongst supporters of GLBT rights.


The state legislature is proposing significant changes to the mortgage interest deduction affecting many Minnesota homeowners. As the State attempts to deal with a $4.7 billion shortfall, no stone is being left unturned. KFAI News Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings brings us the story.


On TAX DAY – April 15 – there were several hundred rallies held across the nation. Tea Parties, as they’ve been called by organizers, are designed to send Washington a clear message, reign in spending and reduce the size of Government. KFAI Political Correspondent Marty Owings filed this report from Capitol.


The State Legislature was successful in passing the transportation bill during the week of February 26th. But there’s another tax hike that voters should prepare themselves for in the coming months.

The Metrodome wasn’t the only bubble that deflated in Minneapolis due to last weekend’s snowstorm.

Two Legislators John Lesch (DFL -Saint Paul) and Mark Buescens (R – Jordan), faced off on the House Floor over a bill that would have added a sick time benefit for temporary and seasonal State workers. The story became less about the bill and more about the tensions that seem to be rising among Legislators as they begin to confront budget issues. KFAI’s Marty Owings reports.

By Aaron Mendelson

On the morning of September 13, Margaret Brickely, a shift supervisor at the Calhoun Square Jimmy John’s, found that one of the store’s coolers wasn’t working. Brickley called called General Manger Corey Reeves and District Manager Jason Effertz, who came to inspect the meat.

State Senator Terri Bonoff is running for Congress in the Third Congressional District. Her campaign has received many high-profile endorsements and exceeded fund raising expectations.