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Story by Eric Blom

Talk has picked up regarding the possibility of a new casino in Block E in downtown Minneapolis. The idea has been floated before, but the recent push by state and county officials to come up with a plan to finance a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings has given the notion of a downtown casino some new life. KFAI’s Eric Blom reports.

Story by Michelle Alimoradi

The Soap Factory in Minneapolis will host an art exhibit that’s described as “a performance installation.” Amber Ginsburg and Joseph Madrigal are planning to return the factory to a site of industrial production, re-creating an assembly line for dummy test bombs like ones that were manufactured during World War One.

The Minnesota Senate today advanced a one billion dollar bonding bill that is being touted by DFL lawmakers as a Jobs Bill. Not everyone is in agreement and several Republican Legislators are demanding specifics about exactly where the jobs are being created. KFAI Political Correspondent Marty Owings brings us the story.


It’s easy to be angry with oil giant BP. But it’s a little more difficult to decide what to do about that anger. Amidst pushes for BP boycotts, KFAI’s Connor Molloy talked to the local individuals those boycotts would likely affect.


Story by Mike Fischbein

KFAI’s Mike Fischbein spoke with Break the Bonds’ Phil Benson and plaintiff Sylvia Schwartz about the group’s recently filed suit against the Minnesota State Board of Investment. The lawsuit is over what the group considers to be illegal investments in Israel through the purchase of Israel bonds.

KFAI’s Doug Cain recounts his experience with the I-35W bridge on that historic day.

This story was part of a KFAI news special that aired on Friday, August 1, 2008

Here is a collection of KFAI news stories surrounding the I-35W bridge collapse that were broadcast within the last year.

Professor Pat Nunnally of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment taught the class The River, the Bridge, the Community: Beyond the Headlines of the I-35W Bridge Collapse, which t

Nancy Sartor was in-studio anchoring the news when the bridge fell. She reflects on the response of the station.

This story was part of a KFAI news special that aired on Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008, marked the one year anniversary of the I-35W Bridge collapse.