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You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught. So goes one of the more obscure songs, but an important lessons in the musical, South Pacific, reminding us that we are rarely born bigoted; our attitudes, prejudices and biases are ingested very early by examples set by our extended families, teachers, authorities – and the media, of course.

Despite the significant trend away from family farming in Minnesot* and elsewhere – for many reasons giving way to the power of (often polluting and environmentally unsound) corporate farming enterprises, chemical companies and federal farm policies, Minnesota is showing growth in small to mid-sized family farms. Why?

Tune into Truth to Tell:/truthtotell on Wednesday, February 24th at 11am for LYME DISEASE 2: Politics and Prevention in Our Great Outdoors. Back in January, we talked about the surge in cases of Lyme Disease – the seemingly innocuous infection from the bite of a deer tick – the near-microscopic cousin to the larger wood tick – both of them flourishing in the Minnesota outdoors.

Violence no more. Is it even possible? A survey of Twin Cities and American life would yield doubt.

Can we say venerable in speaking of MARV DAVIDOV, one of the world’s nonstop protesters over corporate power, the ruling class and injustice?

The cozy conclave of legislators and the insider baseball played by regulators with those they regulate have become the engine driving too much of our state, local and federal policies and public largesse.

Do you think of yourself as white? Or have you never thought of it before? If you think of yourself as white, how do you feel about it. Do you think of yourself as a person who is usually trusted, who can buy what you want anywhere you want with whatever credit you might need without paying extra for the privilege? Can you live pretty much anywhere you wish?

Like Minneapolis in 2006, enough Saint Paul residents signed petitions to place a Charter: amendment on the General Election ballot: asking voters to approve a new Instant Runoff Voting (Ranked Choice Voting) system for city elections. Unlike Minneapolis, *St.

Minnesota’s media landscape continues to exhibit a generational shift. Aging boomers cling to the printed word, news talk sources, and television news while younger consumers increasingly get their news and information digitally. The Twin Cities dailies slipped away from being reliably family-owned to never-satisfied, Wall-Street controlled profit centers.

There’s something in the soil, in the turning of it, in the planting of seeds and watching them sprout and bloom with food and flowers for family, friends, and neighbors that attracts us in ever larger numbers. It brings together young and old, the low-income and affluent, as well as many other racially and economically diverse urban dwellers seeking better nutrition and self-confidence.