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Pride Month Kick-Off Special -Tune into Fresh Fruit: Thursday, May 31 from 7 pm to 8 pm for an On Air phone interview with special guest Lily Tomlin.

Andrea Jenkins is an award winning African-American trans activist, writer, artist and performer who will host the first Minneapolis Trans* Equity Summit in Minneapolis. The Summit will serve as an introduction to the Minneapolis Trans* Workgroup process and provide a mid-point update to the community regarding the work outcomes to date.

Join Dixie Treichel & John Townsend for the 7th Annual Queer Fringe Binge on Fresh Fruit:node/89 this Thursday July 19, 2007 from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

Join Host Dixie Treichel for a 100% Queer Music Special with guest JD Doyle who is a Radio Host, Producer & Collector of GLBT and gay-related recordings.

Mean, The Birth of Venus and The Pride are plays with complex issues and how those involved respond.

Producer Marya Morstad continues the “Radio mnartists” series of podcasts and KFAI radio interviews with Minnesota artists.

Producer Marya Morstad (Art Matters:node/97) continues the “Radio mnartists” series of podcasts and KFAI radio interviews with Minnesota artists.

Ralph Nader’s work, influence, races, advocacy, and first work of fiction, Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us, will be fodder for an hour of programming featuring the man himself.

[This will be the first week of KFAI’s Fall Pledge Drive and a very limited number of signed copies of Ralph’s new book, _*Only the Superrich Can Save Us* will be given away as premiums with pledges above a certa

Raymond Carver, American story writer and poet, often called the American Anton Chekhov, will be the topic of Wednesday’s Spoken Word:node/71 (11am) on April 11.

Remember a time when you felt ready? In all likelihood there were many unknowns, change was occurring. Yet despite the pressure, or unexpected setbacks, you were inclined to do something: to take action! What would it be worth to you as a leader to heighten your — and your organization’s ability to deal with change more effectively, more consistently and more rapidly?