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Bird watching may seem like one of the most relaxing hobbies imaginable. But one day per year, bird lovers in Michigan compete in a grueling 19-hour contest to find the most spiecies.

Listening Lounge:node/72 is bringing out the best documentaries for Pledge Drive.

To hear the best radio documentaries and quirky audio shorts, add the Listening Lounge:node/72 to your short list of must-hear radio. Hosted by Todd Melby, the Lounge now airs at 7 p.m. on Mondays.

Alan Johnston is an experienced foreign correspondent working for the BBC. But nothing could have prepared him for the day he was snapped up by a group of men with guns in Gaza.

Living Ecstasy is about Waking Up with humor and with Love.
Living Ecstasy is not a “get-happy-in-10-easy-steps” type of book. Living Ecstasy assumes that you are not broken or needy.

Living with Certainty is an Award-Winning, Multi-Faceted, Social-Energy Philosophy and Life Approach Created by Kristi LeBlanc that Facilitates the Purposeful Authenticity, Attitudinal Healing, and Deep-Soul Joy that Will Create Your Best Life and Lead to a More Peaceful, Connected, and Compassionate World.

Lizz Winstead comes back to the Parkway Theater for her third annual review of the year on December 31st, to close out 2011. Each year seems to present more material for her to skewer her way through, but 2011 also presented new opportunities for Winstead’s quick wit and excellent writing skills.

Lizz Winstead comes back to the studio on Pam Without Boundaries Tuesday, December 29th, at 8am, for a sneak peek at her review of What the [bleep] Just Happened?? in 2009. Lizz will host the review of the year that was on New Years Eve at the Parkway Theater:, 48th and Chicago, in south Minneapolis. She has one show only at the Parkway New Years Eve, at 9pm.

On Sunday, June 14, host Amanda Balagur looks at the local food scene, the slow food movement, and writing about food.

Is 80 the new 50? It is when you compare Americans’ average life expectancy today — about 78 — with what it was a century ago, when the average American lived to about 50.

In “The Longevity Prescription,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Butler says that this three-decade dividend, as he calls it, doesn’t have to be lived out in declining health as many assume.

Common ailments such as heart disease, arthritis and lung problems are arriving a full decade later than they did 100 years ago. This suggests that we have it within our power to increase the chances of staying healthy longer

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